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Presentations and Handouts

Please check here often.  As instructors finalize their presentations and get them to us, we will post them promptly.  Some instructors will not have a presentation or handouts.

Handouts from CMCI 2016


Resources from Budgeting and Quantifying Data, Christina Homrighouse

Resident Data

Sample Report Text

Add different page numbers to different sections of your document

CaRDI 2016 outline

Extra - PMT, TODAY, NOW and IF exercise

Extra - PMT, TODAY, NOW and IF completed

NOTES - Budgeting and Quantifying Data

NOTES - Database Design

QR Access 2010 quick reference

QR Excel 2013 quick reference

QR word 2013 quick reference

Techniques used for capturing PDF data

Heritage Tourism, Rode Howe, the History Center of Tompkins County; and Dylan Tuttle, Cornell University

Building Skills for Public Interaction, David Kay, Cornell University; and Suzanne Motheral, Tompkins County Office for the Aging

Developing and Monitoring an Effective Budget, Thomas Plowinske, Division of Local Government and School Accountability, NYS Comptroller's Office

Strategies for Connecting with Local Officials on Controversial Issues, David Kay and Robin Blakely-Armitage, Cornell University

Understanding the Impacts of Fiscal Stress: Developing Community-Driven Indicator Models, David Kay and Robin Blakely-Armitage, Cornell University.


Handouts from 2015 CMCI

Community Foundations and Local Government: Partners in Improving the Quality of Life in Our Hometown

Electronic Records Management

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding Yourself and Others

Information Access (No PPT for this class. This is a libguide that you can access at any time.)

Leadership Communication: Constructing Conversations that Make a Difference

Office of the State Comptroller's Fiscal Stress Monitoring System


Tour of the Cornell Plantations

Public Relations, Public Issues & Local Public Policy

Associated reading

Your Role as Clerk to the Board