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Learning Action Plans (LAPs)

CMCI Learning Action Plan – An Overview

*For additional details see the CMCI Learning Action Plan Guide.

Goal: Develop a set of action items to implement for the good of the municipality you serve and your professional or personal growth based on your learning experiences at the Institute.  

The power of useful knowledge lies in our willingness and ability to ensure its productive application.  One of the most important measures of the Cornell Municipal Clerks Institute's success is your application of the knowledge, skills, and resources learned through your participation in it.  This transfer represents an important and hopefully valuable return on investment of the time, money, and energy you and your organization have put into your participation in the Institute. 

To further promote learning and the application of knowledge, skills, and resources acquired during the Institute, CMCI participants will develop a learning action plan. The CMCI Learning Action Plan, LAP, is designed to help you: identify key information, ideas, concepts and practices to promote more effective operations and relationships in your workplace.  It consists of three parts: a LAP Daily Journal, a LAP Progress Tracking Form, and a LAP Outcomes Reflection Worksheet.  

An overview of the three pieces of the LAP is provided below, along with a deadline by which each must be completed.  Again, these pieces are described in more detail in the CMCI Learning Action Plan Guide.     

(1)  The LAP Daily Journal  

Overview: The LAP Daily Journal is designed to help CMCI participants identify key aspects of their CMCI learning experience that they want to explore further or otherwise apply to their work once in the coming year.    

Completion Deadline: The LAP Daily Journal is included in the LAP section of the CMCI Participant Notebook.  CMCI participants are responsible for completing the Daily Journal as they attend classes throughout the Institute.  The completed Daily Journal is not turned in but used by its author as a reference for completing the LAP Tracking Form.  

(2)  The LAP Tracking Form  

Overview: The LAP Tracking Form is designed to help CMCI participants identify 4-6 specific professional development goals, identified as a result of their participation in the Cornell Municipal Clerks Institute, that they will complete and report on in the 10 months following the Institute.     

Completion Deadline: The LAP Tracking Form is included in the LAP section of the CMCI Participant Notebook.  CMCI participants are required to complete the LAP Tracking Form on the last day of the Institute.  To do so, they are expected to use their Daily Journal to identify opportunities to further or otherwise apply concepts or skills they learned during the Institute.  Every participant's completed LAP Tracking Form  is copied and returned to him/her to use as a reference point for tracking progress towards his/her LAP goals.  

(3)  The LAP Outcomes Reflection Worksheet  

Overview: The LAP Outcomes Reflection Worksheet (note: this is for reference purposes only. You will complete the Online worksheet below)  is designed to help CMCI participants reflect on how their work towards completing the goals they identified on the LAP Tracking Form has influenced them as professionals.   

Completion Deadline: A copy of the LAP Reflection Worksheet is included in the LAP Section of the CMCI Participant Notebook as a reference.  Any CMCI participant returning to the next year's Institute (as a member of the Second, Third, or Masters classes) are required to complete an ONLINE Reflection Worksheet form, by May 31 of the year following the Institute in which they developed their Learning Action Plan (E.g.: for plans developed at the 2015 Institute, LAP Reflection Worksheets are due May 31, 2016.)  

Questions may be directed to Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman at or 607-255-0417.