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Community Development Institute:CaRDI and CCE co-sponsor the CDI in 2015
Strong Families ↔ Strong Communities

Cornell's annual Community Development Institute focuses on critical pieces of the community development process, and is designed for a diverse audience of local government and school officials, extension educators, practitioners, and other community leaders. Each year we highlight a different theme, bringing presenters and discussants together from all over New York state to share the latest research, policy recommendations, and practical perspectives.

The 2015 theme was Strong Families ↔ Strong Communities. Cornell Cooperative Extension co-sponsored the two-day event, which featured presentations and discussions about innovative community projects & the latest research and policies focused on supporting strong families, strong communities, and the connections between them. Click here to read the Cornell Chronicle article about the Institute.

Key questions we addressed together included:

  • How do changing social & economic trends affect our families and communities?
  • How can we better link efforts to build family and community capacity?
  • What new ideas are emerging in research, policy, and practice?

Archived documents

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Session 1: The Changing Social & Economic Landscape          

The Changing Composition of New York State Communities
Robin Blakely-Armitage, Senior Extension Associate, Community & Regional Development Institute (CARDI) and Department of Development Sociology, Cornell University

Poverty, Economic Hardship, and Resilient Families
Tom Hirschl, Co-author “Chasing the American Dream”, and Professor, Development Sociology, Cornell University

Community-Level Challenges and Opportunities
Erik Fix, Regional Director, United Way of Genesee County                        

Session 2: Community Supports for Working Parents

Federal Policy Initiatives
Sarah Clark (moderator), Deputy State Director, Office of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Impacts of Maternal Employment on Children
Rachel Dunifon, Professor, Department of Policy Analysis & Management, and Associate Dean for Research & Outreach, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University

Childcare: Social Infrastructure for Economic Development
Mildred Warner, Professor, Department of City & Regional Planning, Cornell University     

Session 3: Innovative Strategies for Community Well-Being (part 1)

STEPS - Seneca Towns Engaging People for Solutions
Ave Bauder, Executive Director Cornell Cooperative Extension, Seneca County
Theresa Lahr, STEPS Project Coordinator, S2AY Rural Health Network

SOAR - Strengthening our Area Residents (slides included in STEPS presentation)
Sandi Bastedo, Creating Healthy Places Coordinator, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Wayne County

Session 4: Fiscally Stressed Local Governments, Communities & Families

Shifting the Burden: National, State and Local Funding
John Sipple, Associate Professor, Department of Development Sociology, and Director, NYS Center for Rural Schools

Post-Recession Strategies for Families
Vicki Bogan, Director, Institute for Behavioral and Household Finance, and Associate Professor, Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management, Cornell University                                                                                   

Session 5: Innovative Strategies for Community Well-Being (part 2)

School-Based Health Clinics:  Challenges and Opportunities for Communities and Families
Jane Hamilton, RN, Manager, School-Based Health Bassett Healthcare Network
Kerri LaBlanc, MD, Director, School-Based Health Bassett Healthcare Network

The Family Reading Partnership: Creating a Culture of Literacy
Brigid Hubberman, Executive Director, Family Reading Partnership

Wednesday July 15th, 2015
Session 1: Navigating Cultural Differences

Working with Latino Families in Rural Communities
Mary Jo Dudley, Director, Cornell Farmworker Program, and Senior Extension Associate, Community & Regional Development Institute (CaRDI)    

Opportunities and Challenges for Refugee Families in Upstate New York
Shelly Callahan, Executive Director, Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees

Session 2: Using Data and Indicators for Community Development

NYS CORe Initiative:  Leveraging Data and Empowering Residents for Neighborhood Success
Nora Yates, Director, CORe Initiative, Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Albany, NY

Asset-Based Approaches to Community Development: Adding Metrics to Measure Impact 
Deborah Puntenney, Research Associate Professor, Asset-Based Community Development Institute, Northwestern University

Community Wellbeing Indicators in an International Context (no slides)
Yunji Kim, PhD Candidate, Department of City & Regional Planning, Cornell University

Session 3: Innovative Strategies for Community Well-being (part 3)

Project HOPE - Rochester 
Miguel Melendez, Director, Project HOPE, Rochester

The Role of Recreation & Youth Services in the Community
Liz Vance, Director, Ithaca Youth Bureau, City of Ithaca 

Community-Based Workforce Development Initiatives (single PPT slide)
Nagiane Lacka Arriaza, Program Coordinator, Hospitality Employment Training Program, Greater Ithaca Activities Center                    

Session 4: Mapping Community Linkages & Cross-agency Collaborations

Network Mapping/Community Agency Linkages: Strengthening Families & Communities
Laurie Miller, Associate Director for Public Engagement, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs
Nancy Potter, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Tompkins County

Planning Across Generations
Mildred Warner, Professor, Department of City & Regional Planning, Cornell University