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2013 Community Development Institute

CaRDI’s Community Development Institute: Informed Communities, Informed Decision focused on critical pieces of the community development process, and was designed for a diverse audience of local government and school officials, CCE Educators, practitioners, and other community leaders.

Topics addressed included: framing the various approaches to community development; how recent socioeconomic and demographic trends impact NYS communities; resources for accurate community-level data; the role of leadership in strengthening community capacity; and how these approaches and resources can lead to informed decision-making.  Special sessions focused on supporting recent initiatives in agriculture and food systems, community and energy, shared municipal and school services, and regional community and economic development.

Over the two-day period, participants engaged in dynamic discussions, exercises, and trainings which form the heart of CaRDI’s mission – to promote informed decision-making in support of sustainable community and economic development. Select presentations from CaRDI’s Community Development Institute: Informed Communities, Informed Decision event are available.