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CaRDI responds to community leadership needs by providing a diverse and integrated portfolio of training and educational opportunities for local government officials, community leaders and residents, and extension educators. The educational offerings are designed to promote informed decision-making, collaborative local and regional partnerships, and innovation. Challenges presented by changes in demographics, climate, energy development, land use and economic development do not typically recognize local boundaries. CaRDI’s training programs enhance the capacity of individuals and communities to address complex issues at a local and regional level.  There is an emphasis on applied research and analysis; collaboration with regional and state organizations and agencies; and peer-to-peer/community-to-community learning and the exchange of best practices.

Current Initiatives and Partnerships

Community Development Institute

This annual institute focuses on critical pieces of the community development process, and is designed for a diverse audience of local government and school officials, extension educators, practitioners, and other community leaders.

Dennis A. Pelletier County Government Institute

This institute enhances the knowledge, skills and abilities of county officials enabling them to engage in informed, constructive and civil discussions on the challenges they face as public servants.  The institute is a partnership between the New York State Association of Counties and CaRDI.

Past Initiatives and Partnerships

Cornell Municipal Clerks Institute

CMCI is a premium educational opportunity that represents a collaboration of the City and Village Clerks, the Town Clerks Association of the State of New York, New York State Association of Clerks of County Legislative Boards and CaRDI.

Local Agriculture & Land Use Leadership Institute

Working with American Farmland Trust, CaRDI and LEAD-NY, LALULI developed an inspired network of New York leaders engaging local governments to support agriculture. By improving participants' leadership skills and knowledge, the institute worked to increase the effectiveness of local land use leaders in planning, farmland conservation, and agricultural economic development.

Research Roundtables

CaRDI provides opportunities for faculty and visitors to highlight innovative applied research. We provide venues for community and campus leaders to interact and to develop relationships.