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Issue No. 69 / New York Minute / September 2015 (download PDF)
by Robin Blakely-Armitage and Jan Vink, Cornell University

As highlighted in our last NY Minute (Issue 68/July 2015), the number and timing of births women experience varies according to their age and income level, among other factors. We reported these patterns and trends over the past decade for New York State as a whole. But distinct regional differences also exist across the state. Fertility rates among women in the bottom 20% of income are relatively high in the Mohawk Valley and Mid-Hudson regions, and to a lesser extent in the North Country and Central New York regions. Long Island and the Southern Tier have the lowest relative fertility rates for low income women. For women in the top 20% of income the regional differences are not as striking, with the exception of the Mohawk Valley, where higher income women have dramatically lower fertility rates.


Additional Resources

For fertility rates by age and income level for all regions in the state, please visit the Cornell Program on Applied Demographics.

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