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CaRDI Reports are released periodically over the year, focusing in more detail and length than our other publications on specific projects, research, and policies in topics important to community and economic development. All of the CaRDI publications are designed to provide our readers with research-based, policy-relevant information to help foster dialogue at the local, regional and state-level, and to inform public and private decision-making around critical community and economic development issues.

Contributors to CaRDI Reports include university faculty, their students, state agency representatives, and CCE Educators, among other partners and collaborators. CaRDI Reports are free for public reproduction with proper accreditation. For questions and comments about the reports, or any other CaRDI publication, please contact Robin Blakely-Armitage at

CaRDI Reports

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CaRDI Report #17

NYS's Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act of 2010: Implementation and Significance for Local Government

Mar 1, 2015

Issue Number 17 / May 2015
By Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman [1], David Kay [1], Eleanor Andrews [2], Zoe McAlear [3], and Russell Glynn [3]

Smart growth is a response to sprawl that has been increasingly implemented in policy over the past several decades. As an example of this policy innovation, New York State enacted the Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act of 2010 (SGPIPA). This document collects several related reports on the way that this law has been implemented in the years since its passage.