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R2G Publications and Resources

Work undertaken by R2G faculty and students collaborating with community partners takes many forms– urban planning and landscape architectural designs and reports, design creations, journal articles, book chapters, policy briefs, presentations, webinars and film/video. Additionally, building on their R2G work, faculty are generating engaged scholarship related to community development, service-learning, democratic design, resiliency, sustainable development, energy, and more. Some of R2G's works are retrievable here.

Research and Policy Briefs

One World Flower Fest–Creative Placemaking in Utica, NY– featured in CaRDI's February 2016 Policy Brief


George, A., Horrigan, P., Scott, N. & Tester, J. (2018). PROJECT REPORT: Transforming Utica's Urban Core: An Analysis of Sustainable Development Potential. Ithaca NY: Cornell Energy Institute.

Horrigan, P.  (2019). One World Placemaking: Towards a Socially Inclusive Public Realm in Utica, NY. In A. Beth, R. Wener, B. Yoon. R. Rae and J. Morris (Eds.),  Proceedings of Sustainable Urban Environments: Proceedings of the Environmental Design Research (EDRA) 50th Conference.     New York, NY:Environmental Design Research Association.

Horrigan, P. (2015). Rust to green: Praxis as university-community placemaking. Partnerships: A journal of service- learning and civic engagement. Greensboro, NC: University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Horrigan, P. (2013). Dreamworks: Engaged learning, practice and research. In T. Hadjiyanni (Ed.), EDRA Connections, online peer-reviewed publication of the Environmental Design Research Association.

Book Chapters

Horrigan, P. (2018). Placemaking praxis with communities: Rust to Green. In L. Abendroth and B. Bell (Eds.), Public Interest Design Education Guidebook: Curricula, Strategies, and SEED Academic Case Studies. New York: Taylor and Francis/Routledge.

Horrigan, P., & Bose, M. (2018) From social trustee towards democratic professionalism in landscape architecture. In S. Egoz, S. K. Jorgensen, T. Richardson, & D. Ruggeri (Eds.), Defining landscape democracy: The search for spatial justice. Gloucestershire, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Horrigan, P. (2014). Rust to green: Cultivating resilience in the Rust Belt. In M. Bose, P. Horrigan, C. Doble, & S. Shipp (Eds.), Community matters: Service-learning in engaged design and planning (pp. 167-185). New York, NY: Routledge/Earthscan.

Horrigan, P., & Raymer, A. (2014). Using theory of change for democratic purpose in a community-based design studio. In P. Lin, M. Wiegand & A. Smith-Tolken (Eds.), Service-learning in higher education: Building community across the globe (pp. 15-23). Indianapolis, Indiana: University of Indianapolis Press.

Horrigan, P., & Bose, M. (2014). Why community matters. In M. Bose, P. Horrigan, C. Doble & S. Shipp (Eds.), Community matters: Service-learning in engaged design and planning (pp. 1-21). New York, NY: Routledge Earthscan.

Horrigan, P., Angotti, T., & Doble, C. (2011). The shifting sites of service-learning in design and planning. In T. Angotti, C. Doble & P. Horrigan (Eds.), Service-learning in design and planning: Educating at the boundaries (pp. 1-16). Oakland, CA: New Village Press.

Work by others on R2G

Boyte, H. (2012). Sept 27, 2012. Harry Boyte’s Blog, Hope and Higher Education — The Powers of Public Narratives.

Trencher, G., Yarime, M., & Kharrazi, A. (2013). Co-creating sustainability: Cross-sector university collaborations for driving sustainable urban transformations. Journal of Cleaner Production 50: 40-55.

Trencher, G., Bai X., Evans J., McCormick K., & Yarime, M. (2014). University partnerships for co-designing and co-producing urban sustainability. Global Environmental Change, vol. 28, (Sept. 2014) 153-165.


Utica Design and Planning Projects

  • West2Green, West Side Utica Vision Plan and Report, 2016
  • Putting the Square Back in Bagg's Square: Sustainable Neighborhood Redevelopment Plans and Report
  • I have a Dreamscape: Sustainable Schoolyard Vision Plan, MLK Jr. Elementary School, 2012
  • Phase One: Edible Garden Plan for MLK Sustainable Schoolyard: Plans and Report, 2013.
  • Towards Creative Placemaking in Oneida Square Planning Study, 2013
  • Genesee Street Visioning Plans, 2013
  • Project Grow: Park Avenue Community Gardens for Refugee Community Plans and Report, 2013
  • One World Garden Design Vision Plans and Report, 2013
  • Kemble Park Project Plans and Report, 2012
  • Liberty Square Park and Alley Redesign Plans and Report, 2012
  • Chancellor Park Design Plans and Report, 2012

Academic Masters and Honors Theses

Blaikie, Heather. (2013). Green Infrastructure, Opportunities for Stormwater Management in Utica NY, Master of Environmental Planning and Design, University of Georgia, Masters in City & Regional Planning.

Ellman, Gwendolyn (2012). The Potential and Need for Wildlife Habitat in 21st Century Rustbelt Cities: Making a Case for Utica, NY, Masters in Landscape Architecture

Helmes, Benjamin. (2013). Food System Indicators for Oneida County, Masters of City & Regional Planning.  

Moreno-Long, Angela (2016 honors). Applying LEED Sustainable Neighborhood Development Project Honor Thesis, Utica, NY, Honors in City and Regional Planning,

Hermes, Sarah (2012 honors). Resiliency through Nature: Comparing Place-Based Biophilia among Somali Bantu Women in Utica, New York, Honors in Landscape Architecture.

Ferrara, Catie (2011 honors). Engaging the Community in Sustainable Urban Redevelopment: Observation and Recommendations for Rust to Green Utica, Honors thesis for Hamilton College in Environmental Studies