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Partner with Us!

Help keep New York's food and agricultural industry strong!

Across New York State, few industries touch more lives every day than the food and agricultural system.  Encompassing a broad spectrum of agribusinesses, manufacturers, lenders, retailers, growers, shippers, educators, marketers and others, the industry represents a crucial element in the ongoing success and quality-of-life for millions of people.

Such an important, complex web requires strong, skilled leadership - the kind of leaders who have been graduating from the LEAD New York Program for the past two decades.

Your help is needed to keep this successful program growing strong.  Any contribution you make will directly benefit LEAD New York participants, which in turn benefits us all.

LEAD NY budget chartAs shown in this budget chart, tuition covers only a small portion of our actual operating expenses.  Your contribution is essential to keep the program - and the food and agricultural industry - growing strong.

Your donation. Here's how it helps:

Donation amounts and what they typically cover
Amount Donated What it Typically covers
$250 Meals for one class member for a typical three-day session
$500 Lodging for two class members for a typical three-day session
$1,000 Charter bus tour of various local agribusinesses
$1,500 Half-day workshop
$2,500 Full-day facilitated workshop OR a keynote speaker
$5,000 Group travel to an out-of-state destination (such as Ottawa or Washington D.C.)
$15,000 Full sponsorship for a typical three-day session
$30,000 Full sponsorship for a major out-of-state session
$50,000 Sponsorship for a major study trip

 Please download the donation form and brochure and send your contribution or pledge today!