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LEADNY is a leadership development program for adult professionals in the food, agriculture and natural resource industries of the Northeast. Participants meet monthly from October through April in each year of the program. In the first year, meetings are held at different locations throughout New York State, and the 25 days of training focus largely on self-awareness and leadership skill development. Individuals that successfully complete year one will receive a certificate of completion for the “Leadership Fundamentals” portion of our program, and will be well-positioned to serve in a variety of local leadership roles. At the end of the first year, participants reapply for the second year of the program, which will entail 30 days of commitment and involve more out-of-state and international travel, including a 2-week study tour. Individuals successfully completing the second year of the program will have the distinction of being known as “LEAD Fellows”.

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Year 1 - Leadership Fundamentals

      (For individual seminar agendas, see the list at right. Agendas available one week following each seminar. )

Year 2 - LEAD Fellows