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Farmworker Outreach

Addressing Immigration Concerns

To address farmworker needs, the Cornell Farmworker Program (CFP), along with the Upstate Immigration Project of the Legal Aid Society, has developed videos, publications, and educational workshops about immigration policies, emergency planning and driving laws. These resources inform farmworkers about state and federal law and advise individuals about proper interactions with local police and immigration officials.

Immigration Resources

  • Bilingual Authorization to Pick up Paycheck.  This bilingual document will allow a spouse or another trusted individual to pick up the paycheck for a person who is unable to do so themselves.
  • Derechos de los Inmigrantes (Immigrants’ Rights) DVD: A Spanish language skit that provides information about ways to respond, if detained by a law enforcement official. For ordering information, contact the Cornell Farmworker Program at or 607-255-5194.
  • Immigrant rights and emergency planning: The Cornell Farmworker Program (CFP) conducts on-farm workshops on immigrant rights and emergency planning. Get the flyer.
  • Immigration Facts: Details what immigration authorities can and cannot legally do. Use these facts as guidelines. Immigration authorities do not always follow these procedures in cases of “reasonable suspicion.”
    Get the English fact sheet or Spanish fact sheet.
  • Know your rights: On-farm workshops utilize Spanish language DVDs. Read more about CFP Spanish language skits
  • Parental Designation of Temporary Guardianship for US Born Children (in Spanish and English): Used to give authority to other individual(s) to care for child(ren) if you are unable to do so. Click here for the Parental Designation form.
  • Parental Permission for child to travel (Emergency Planning Forms: Parental Permission for Child to Travel). Click here for the permission form.
  • Pest Management for Farmers and Farmworkers: Spanish and English language DVD that explore low cost pest management strategies. Click here to order the DVD.
  • Power of Attorney: Forms to give authority to another to act on your behalf for financial and legal decisions. Click here for the Power of Attorney form.
  • Referral Card: Clearly states your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney, in the event of questioning or detainment. Includes phone numbers for Legal Aid Society and the Mexican and Guatemalan Consulates and the Cornell Farmworker Program. Click here for the referral card.

English as a Second Language

Student and local volunteers travel to local farms to tutor farmworkers in English. Using materials provided by the Cornell Farmworker Program, tutors provide support to improve their grammar, reading, writing, and pronunciation skills to better communicate with their employers and in the general community. These sessions also aid farmworkers in their interactions at the store and hospital.