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Mobile consulate visits

The Cornell Farmworker Program partners with the Mexican and Guatemalan consulates to bring mobile consulate services to Upstate NY communities, usually in the summer. Participants from the hosting consulates' nations can access forms and support for updating passports, consular IDs and birth certificates. For general information about Mexican consulate services, please visit

Farmworker Program News

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CaRDI helps shape new Community Food Systems minor

Dec 1, 2015
Faculty from Development Sociology, the School of Integrative Plant Sciences, and the Division of Nutritional Sciences were recently awarded an Engaged Cornell curriculum grant to develop a new Community Food Systems Minor. CaRDI program staff Jennifer Jensen helped develop the proposal, while Senior Extension Associates Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman and Mary Jo Dudley are part of the faculty team helping to develop this new initiative scheduled to launch in 2016. Heidi is acting as the coordinator for the project (

The Minor in Community Food Systems is a university-wide program enabling undergraduate students to learn about and engage with issues, problems, and questions related to food security, food sovereignty and food justice, and the social organization of sustainable local food systems. Understanding and collaboratively developing information about how communities manage these systems is key to this minor. Requirements for the minor include a community-based practicum. Read more
Sue Sherman of Jerry Dell Farms found that using CFP bilingual forms proved valuable.

CFP Dairy Project having positive impacts in NYS

Sep 23, 2015
The July 2015 "American Agriculturalist" featured an article about a New York Farm Viability Institute-funded project with the Cornell Farmworker Program that is improving workplace relations for dairy farm employers and employees through better communications. Read more
Mary Jo Dudley of Cornell Farmworkers Program

CFP in American Agriculturalist: "Dairy Employee Turnovers can Impose Huge Hidden Costs"

Jul 16, 2015
By Kara Lynn Dunn and John Vogel
If you've never experienced your milking crew disappearing overnight after learning that OSHA inspectors wanted to interview them, you're lucky. A more common loss is losing a key member of your dairy management team. Sometimes, these events are outside of your control. Other times, it comes down to poor employer/employee communications. Either way, it drives labor costs up and herd production down... Read more
Cornell Farmworkers Program Mary Jo Dudley

Farmworker Program in Ithaca Times: "Talking with Local Farm Laborers"

Jun 17, 2015
"Every day, there are Ithacans who go grocery shopping and pick up milk, yogurt, apples, wine and cheese, herbs and beans and salad greens that all come from fields in the Finger Lakes. Some of this food is sleekly packaged when it hits the shelves. Some of it is advertised with ORGANIC FAIR TRADE NO MSG GLUTEN FREE buzzwords, and some of the produce is placed into a paper bag at the market by the hands of a farmer’s son or daughter.

"However local food finds its way into the shopping bag, there’s one near sure thing even in our mechanized, digitized times: There were honest-to-goodness human hands that squeezed that milk from the cow or plucked that apple from the tree. Hands that increasingly over recent years have belonged to people who have come from other countries to upstate New York to do the hard work of farming..." Read more
Consulado Movil en Lansing, NY

The Cornell Farmworker Program Hosts Guatemalan Mobile Consulate in Lansing, NY

Jun 8, 2015
When conducting our research with farmworkers, we encountered a significant number of workers that requested our assistance in linking them with the Guatemalan Consulate.  The Guatemalan Consulate will visit Lansing, NY on June 26-27, 2015 from 9AM-4PM.  Guatemalans in our communities will be able to obtain official Guatemalan identity documents including passports, birth and marriage registration, and consular identification cards. Read more