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Cornell Farmworker Program

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Mission & VisionCornell Farmworker Program

The Cornell Farmworker Program is dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of farmworkers and their families. We also seek recognition for farmworker’s contributions to society and their acceptance and full participation in local communities. The Cornell Farmworker Program envisions a state and nation in which farmworkers receive equal protection under law, earn a living wage, live in comfortable housing, are safe and healthy, receive due respect as workers and as individuals, and participate fully in their communities.

All of our research, education, and extension outreach efforts are informed by ongoing assessments of farmworker needs. We strive to develop materials and programs that address long-term challenges (like positive workplace relations) as well as time-sensitive issues (such as immigration policy changes).


Mary Jo Dudley featured in CBS News article, "These US industries can't work without illegal immigrants"

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