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CaRDI works closely with a federation of programs including LEAD-NY, the Cornell Farmworker Program, the Rural Schools Association, and Rust 2 Green in focal areas such as land use, regional economic development, community and energy, and demographics.


Our food system is very complex, and it is more crucial than ever for our industry professionals to engage in meaningful dialogue with consumers, work collaboratively with diverse partners, and participate in the public policy process. We need effective leaders that are able and willing to accept such challenges, and LEAD New York gives leaders the tools they will need to be successful in those roles.

Cornell Farmworker Program

The Cornell Farmworker Program (CFP) is dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of farmworkers and their families. CFP recognizes farmworkers’ contributions to society, and supports their acceptance and full participation in local communities. CFP’s current efforts include: assessing farmworker needs; surveying immigration concerns; examining farmworkers’ social and economic interactions, health, culture, and future prospects; farmworker demographics; workplace relations; and providing on-farm English as a second language instruction. CFP provides student internship and research opportunities.

Rural Schools Association of NYS

The Rural Schools Association is a statewide, member driven organization dedicated to representing the interests of small and rural school districts in New York State. Approximately 300 school districts and BOCES units are currently enrolled as members of RSA.

Rust 2 Green

The Rust to Green New York Action Research Initiative is an emerging network of Cornell educators, researchers and students-from a myriad of fields and disciplines- working together and in collaboration with a wide range of community partners to identify and design innovative strategies and solutions addressing the unique problems and needs of New York’s Rust Belt cities.