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John Sipple

John Sipple

Associate Professor

261 Warren Hall
(607) 255-3005

John W. Sipple joined Development Sociology in the summer of 2011 after 13 years in Cornell's Department of Education. He has focused his research interests on the responses of public school districts and communities to changes in state and federal policy. Central to his work are issues of community and organizational change and how they relate to fiscal, demographic, and learning opportunities for students across racial, socioeconomic, and geographic lines. He teaches courses on the organizational, social, and political contexts of community vitality and the U.S. educational system.

Research Focus

Dr. Sipple's research analyzes the implementation of education and social policies on local communities and their public schools. Ranging from changing high school graduation requirements and state standards, the integration of school leaders in their communities, and early childcare and education in rural communities.

Recently, Dr. Sipple has begun to more formally analyze the use of publicly available data. Through new technology, he has established a demonstration site of how state data can be accessed in usable and productive ways by general citizens of New York State. Through the creation of a RESTful web service, web and mobile-based applications are being developed to draw on the data in real time using the creativity and diffuse expertise of application developers across the university and world. The goal is to demonstrate for NYS how useful data can be to citizens and local leaders when hosted and displayed in useful and novel ways.

Finally, Dr. Sipple is engaged in a new research project investigating the use of shared service agreements (formal and informal. This work, in collaboration with Prof. Mildred Warner, City and Regional Planning, is in collaboration with the County, Mayor, Towns, Planners, and School Superintendent Associations and will be a source of knowledge on the obstacles and value of shared municipal and interagency services.

Outreach and Extension Focus

I was invited by NY State's Commissioner of Education in August of 2015 to serve as one of three Monitors for a troubled community and school district in Rockland county: East Ramapo Central School District. After a year of work studying and influencing local practice and state policy, we secured $3 million for the local school district. I was reappointed as one of two Monitors in August of 2016 for another year of study and service.

I have a program of outreach that builds off my research program and focusses on the intersection of community development and the $600 Billion/year Educational System ($60 Billion here in New York State). This work includes the sharing of strategies municipalities and schools use to share services. It also focusses on the public policy issues of closing/merging schools and their impact on educational opportunity and community vitality.

Dr. Sipple`s primary focus of outreach is in his capacity as Director of the New York State Center for Rural Schools which was established in September 2008. In this position, he works in support of the Rural Schools Association (RSA) of New York State, the state legislature, Governor's office, and the State Education Department. He has a lengthy and productive relationship with the RSA and serves as the research arm of the organization. The work of the Center emphasizes building connections between key constituents, capacity of local school districts as well as the state of NY, and research in support of all its activities.

Awards and Honors

  • Professor of Merit Award (2017) College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University
  • 2017 Juror (2016) Brock International Prize in Education
  • Friend of THE COUNCIL Award (2015) New York State Council of School Superintendents
  • Howard A. Dawson Award, Top Research Paper, 2009 (2009) National Rural Education Association (NREA)
  • SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2006) Cornell University

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Book Chapters

  • Avery, L. A., & Sipple, J. W. (2016). Common Core, STEM, and Rural Schools: Views from Students and States. p. 123-145 Reimagining Rural: Urbanormative Portrayals of Rural Life Fulkerson, G. M & Thomas, A. R. (ed.), Lexington, Lnhm, MD.
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  • Brown, C., Sipple, J. W., & McCabe, L. M. (2011). 2011 Yearbook of the Politics of Education Association. p. 287 Carolyn Brown, John W. Sipple, Lisa McCabe (ed.), Sage, Thousand Oakes.

Policy Reports

  • Sipple, J. W., & Dillani-Miller, A. (2014). Shared School Services: A Common Response to Fiscal Stress. p. 6 New York State Center for Rural Schools, Ithaca, NY.

Presentations and Activities

  • The Long, Winding, Unpaved Path from Rural Schools to Higher Education. IVY-Plus Biannual Meeting of Admissions Officers. June 2017. IVY-Plus. Ithaca, NY.
  • A New Beginning: A Report on the East Ramapo Central School District. Meeting of the NY State Board of Regents. January 2017. New York State Education Department. Albany, NY.
  • Caring for the Young: The Capacity of Communities in New York State to Care for Young Children. Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociologial Society. August 2016. Rural Sociological Society. Toronto, CA.
  • Opportunity Deferred: A Report on the East Ramapo Central School District. A report and presentation to the New York State Board of Regents, December 14, 2015. Meeting of the New York State Board of Regents. December 2015. NYS Education Department. Albany, NY.
  • Informed Decision Making in Highly Contentious Arenas. Annual meeting of the National Conference of County Association Executives. October 2015. National Conference of County Association Executives. Point Clear, AL.
  • The Unequal Impact of the Great Recession on the Instructional Capacity of Rural Schools. Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociology Society . August 2015. Rural Sociology Society . Madison, WI.
  • Research and Data updates: Informing local decisions. Annual Conference of the Rural Schools Association of NYS. July 2015. Rural Schools Association of NYS. Cooperstown, NY.
  • The Fluctuating Capacity of Rural Communities to Educate: A Cross National Analysis Pre- and Post-Recession. Annual Meeting of the Trans-Atlantic Rural Research Network. May 2015. Trans-Atlantic Rural Research Network. State College, PA.
  • Community Challenges and Opportunities in 2015 and Beyond. Bassett Healthcare System School-Based Healthcare Retreat. March 2015. Bassett Healthcare System. Cooperstown, NY.
  • Schools and Fiscal Stress in NYS. Local Fiscal Stress: State Austerity Policy and Creative Local Response. December 2014. CaRDI, NYSUT. Saratoga Springs, NY.