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CaRDI Virtual Chats

CaRDI hosts occasional online conversations about recent Research & Policy Brief topics. We welcome participation from anyone interested in the topic, from community members and outreach educators to community leaders and economic development practitioners. The chats are scheduled for 30 minutes during the lunch hour to allow participants from across the state to connect with each other over a topic of mutual interest. During the chat, participants share their experiences and questions with each other and CaRDI hosts, and we offer tailored resources for the group based on the conversation.

All you need to participate is a phone or (to fully join in the "virtual" aspect) an Internet connection and video camera. See below for details, or contact Jennifer Jensen (, 607-255-3082) with questions. 

Upcoming Virtual Chat Topics

  • "Informed Decision Making", date TBD. 
  • What chat topic would you like to see? Email Jennifer to suggest a topic (

What is a virtual chat?

For 30 minutes over your lunch hour, you can connect with hosts from CaRDI and other people from across the state who share an interest in a particular community development issue. We use a virtual meeting service called WebEX, which will allow you to see other participants connecting via video camera and Internet link as well as to hear those who simply call into a conference call number. We highly recommend that you join by video to better connect with the other participants (just try it!).

With your help, we expect these to be interactive conversations, not passive webinars or presentations. Come to the meeting with your own questions, with comments on the CaRDI brief that inspired the virtual chat topic, or just with a desire to see what other folks are saying on the subject. 

If you want to make sure your technology is working, feel free to join the meeting 10 minutes in advance. The CaRDI host will be online early to help work out audio and video challenges.