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The Food Almanac: Are Good, Clean, and Fair Food and Farming Trumped?

Slow Food NYC
Feb 16, 2017
When: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Contact: Tatiana Orlov,
Since 1818, farmers have relied on the Farmers' Almanac for uncannily accurate weather predictions to inform their planting, harvesting, and day-to-day living. In 2017, Slow Food New York City will sponsor the Seventh Food Almanac, a food and farming prognostication inspired by the Farmers' Almanac. Read more

Post-Recession Financial Strategies for Households: How to Deal with Debt

Dec 15, 2016
For two decades prior to the Great Recession, U.S. households steadily amassed significant amounts of debt and eroded their liquid asset holdings. By 2007, households were increasing debt at a rate equivalent to 6% of aggregate consumption every year. The Great Recession, which hit the U.S. and global economy in 2007, had an enormous impact on U.S. household finances. The financial crisis caused large drops in income with American median household income  declining by over 4%. Read more

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Fireball Express: How the United States Military Laid the Foundations for Modern Globalization

Apr 14 | 1:30 pm

Daniel Immerwahr, Northwestern University....

Location: Warren Hall  | Event type: Seminar