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Rust 2 Green Fellowships

Rust 2 Green (R2G) Civic Research Fellows are both grad and undergrad student researchers working during the semester, summer, or on thesis alongside faculty researchers and community partners, on short and long term projects unfolding in R2G NY's targeted cities such as Utica NY. R2G Civic Fellows have worked on park and streetscape design and restoration, communications, green infrastructure, ecological educational curricula, microfinance, food systems, urban wildlife and habitat, refugee issues, sustainable school gardens and sites and neighborhood and community development.

Rust 2 Green (R2G) Civic Research Fellowships are awarded on a case-by-case basis to motivated students and depend on funding availability each year. Since the inception of R2G, over 40 fellowships have been completed.

For more information, contact:
Paula Horrigan, R2G NY Director 
(607) 351-2760