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Information for Students

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The CALS NYS Internship Program offers Cornell CALS students the opportunity to combine career-relevant work experience with the chance to made a difference in an Upstate NY community. The unique aspect of this program is that every intern -- no matter your major or internship work position -- conducts a community project with local and regional leaders that compliments your on-the-job internship experience.

Program benefits to CALS students

  • Gain valuable career-related work experience
  • Partner with local leaders to make a difference in New York communities
  • Connect with and learn from professional and community mentors
  • Hone your "people skills" that are critical to success
  • Learn things you didn't even know you wanted to learn
  • Earn a summer stipend and course credits

About the Program

The CALS NYS Internship Program has three main components: 

  1. Pre-departure class (DSoc 4200: CALS NYS Internship Program Orientation and Prep course),
  2. 10-week combined summer internship and community engagement experience (including a $4000 stipend for living expenses), and
  3. Post-internship Independent Study course.

The eight-week, one-credit pre-departure course during the spring semester prior to the internship is designed to equip interns with the tools you need to make the most of your internship and community engagement experience. You will learn about your host employer and the communities in which your host is based, and you will develop specific goals you want to achieve through participation in the program. The one-credit post-internship Independent Study course in the fall semester is designed to help interns build on your internship experience and make the most of it as you continue to develop personally and professionally. The goal across all three components is to help students synthesize what you have learned and created throughout the entire internship program, and to identify ways your new knowledge, skills, tools, and resources can be of use to you, your host employer, and your host communities.

Application Details

Who is eligible to apply?

Continuing Cornell CALS students -- meaning first years, sophomores, juniors, and returning graduate students -- with either a major or minor in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) are eligible for these internships.

How do I apply?

Eligible students should apply in January of the year you seek to participate in the program. For example, students seeking an internship for the summer of 2016 will submit an application in January/February 2016. Internship descriptions and applications are generally released on this website in the prior fall semester (thus in fall 2015 in the example). You can also get updates delivered to your email inbox via the CaRDI newsletter.

Applications will ask for students' contact and academic information, statements about your interests and goals, descriptions of your relevant course / work / life experiences, your preferences among the internship positions available, and three references (one from your academic advisor and two others).

What kind of internship positions are available?

Check out our 2016 internship opportunities, as well as past ones. See  our 2015 Intern Profiles to hear about interns' experiences in their own words, or see the list of Past Internships.