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State of Upstate New York Conference: Resiliency, Partnerships and Innovation

CaRDI hosted a State of Upstate New York Conference in June 2011 in Syracuse, NY. A strong regional focus on Upstate recognizes that communities and cities will be more successful in meeting their development goals if  they understand their challenges and opportunities in a regional context.  Upstate New York is comprised of dynamic regions each with their own set of assets.  The regions are also united in some of the challenges that they face.  The conference focused on urban/suburban/rural issues and interdependencies across various upstate regions.  The event was data-driven, engaging and focused on community resiliency, partnerships and innovation. 


Opening Remarks

Robin Blakely-Armitage, David L. Brown,"The Changing Social, Economic, and Demographic Landscape of Upstate New York – Setting the Stage for Today and Tomorrow"

Key Note Address, June 8

Chancellor Nancy Zimper, "Partnerships"

Key Note Address, June 9

Chancellor Nancy Cantor, "Building on Upstate's Assets"

Closing Remarks

John Sipple, "Where Do We Go From Here?"


Agriculture and Food Systems

Local and Regional Governance

Community and Energy

Economic Development 

Health Care

Environment, Land Use and Natural Resources

Poverty and Income

Schools and Youth

Workforce Trends

Proceedings and Reports