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Regional Workforce Development in NY’s Southern Tier

The goal was to work with partners and community-based leaders, including Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell University and other educational institutions, Regional Planning and Development Boards, and others, to build regional capacity in the Pipeline for Progress (P4P) region. P4P was a workforce development initiative in the Southern Tier region of New York State. There were four main objectives, all of which related to goals identified in the P4P Action Plan available for review on the Pipeline for Progress website at: The objectives were pursued through an integrated approach that involved research, training and outreach, and regional infrastructure development.

  1. Understand and prepare P4P communities to respond to the reasons for insufficient “brain gain” in the Southern Tier.
  2. Understand and address the reasons why some P4P communities successfully apply, unsuccessfully apply, and don’t apply for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding so that more communities are successful in securing funds that support infrastructure development.
  3. Increase regional leadership skills and capacity
  4. Increase community capacity for Entrepreneurship Support

Reports and background material