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Economic Development Administration University Center, 2005-2011

The mission of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) within the U.S. Department of Commerce is to help partners across the U.S. create wealth and minimize poverty by promoting a favorable business involvement to attract private capital investment and higher-skill, higher-wage jobs through world-class capacity-building, planning, infrastructure, research grants and strategic initiatives. With funding from EDA, institutions of higher education establish and operate University Centers, which provide technical assistance to public and private sector organizations with the goal of enhancing local economic development.

CaRDI was the home of Cornell’s EDA University Center from 2005-2011. Cornell focused its economic development objectives based on the concept of universities as a catalysts and accelerators for economic growth. Through a combination of research, outreach and application, technological innovation and venture creation, Cornell catalyzed community economic development. It is now widely acknowledged that research universities are economic development engines, especially with their growing emphasis on technology transfer. Through proactive tech transfer and technology-based venture creation, research universities are leveraging their resources for job creation. This job creation coupled with the Land Grant University’s cooperative extension infrastructure offered a powerful new approach to economic development in distressed communities.

Project Reports