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Land Use Training

The goal of CaRDI’s land use programming is to improve the understanding of, and decisions about, the issues that influence New York landscapes insofar as they involve New York residents, the communities they live in, and the land (physical and natural environments) that supports and connects them.

CaRDI partners with other training providers to support a strong New York State training capacity and programming presence intended for local officials and other land use leaders.  CaRDI partnerships involve key collaborators within and outside of Cornell.  CaRDI training integrates or draws on all classes of CaRDI land use programming including research, outreach and training, facilitation, and policy analysis.

In order to enhance land use training capacity in New York State, CaRDI has adopted the following strategies.

Offer Specialized Training


CaRDI has partnered with the Pace University Land Use Law Center to make the Center’s Land Use Leadership Alliance (LULA) training more widely available outside the Center’s “backyard” region of the Hudson River Valley.

This sophisticated, interactive training approach offers four full days of training to a carefully selected and balanced group of local and regional “land use leaders”.

Participants who complete this course: a) understand the legal foundations and structure of New York state’s land use system, b) appreciate the importance and role of collaborative community decision making and conflict management skills in attaining sustainable community development, c) are taught to integrate new legal knowledge with new leadership and process skills, and d) become part of an intermunicipal, regional, and statewide network of similarly trained land use leaders.

For access to material used in some of our LULA trainings, contact


CaRDI has partnered with the American Farmland Trust to develop an innovative curriculum for a Local Agricultural, Land Use & Leadership Development Institute.  LALULDI, which is intended for formal and informal community leaders interested in agriculture.  The curriculum combines leadership skill development  activities with more technical aspects of land use planning, farmland protection and economic development.

For more information on LULA or LALULDI trainings, contact

Support Other Local Government Training Sessions

CaRDI offers land use content to a number of local government audiences on a regular or occasional basis, often in collaboration with other presenters.

CaRDI plays a leading role organizing the annual NYS Association of Counties’ Pelletier Institute and the annual NYS Clerk’s Institute, and contributes to overall governance issues regarding the New York Planning Federation’s annual conference.

Aside from its participation in other “on-demand” training events, CaRDI routinely offers workshops pertaining to land use and related topics at the following local government meetings.

  • NYS Association of Counties
  • NYS Clerk's Institute
  • New York Planning Federation
  • Association of Towns of the State of New York
  • New York State Assessor’s Association

Work With Other Training Providers to Better Coordinate Training Opportunities in New York State

CaRDI has been involved with many New York organizations in strategic efforts to rationalize and coordinate the delivery of training to New York State’s land use planning community.

CaRDI’s engagement has involved serving on advisory committees, participating in strategic planning efforts, and implementing and sharing applied research on training needs.