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Land Use Policy

Inform, facilitate, and participate in land use policy dialogues. CaRDI staff focus their energies on educational and training issues relevant to land use policy, help organize and facilitate policy dialogues, and conduct and provide applied research on topics of interest to state and local policy makers.

CaRDI has long collaborated on research, outreach and education related to sprawl and “smart growth”.  CaRDI  partnerships involve key collaborators within and outside of Cornell.  A recent example of CaRDI’s work in this area is our work in collaboration with the NYS Water Resources Institute as well as external partners on the community implications of water and sewer infrastructure policy, in particular implementation of the 2010 NYS Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act. Learn more about smart growth, sprawl and the Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act.

More generally, we strive to cultivate and strengthen our relationships with our partners to leverage policy impact through publications, meetings, regular communication and  coordination of research and training agendas.