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Land Use

Supporting Sound Land Use through Partnerships, Research and Training

The goal of CaRDI’s land use programming is to support sound management of New York’s land resources. CaRDI’s land use program focuses on New York residents, the communities they live in, and the land (physical and natural environment) that sustains and connects them.

To this end, CaRDI’s key land use programming strategies include partnership building, research, policy analysis, and training.


Inform, facilitate, and participate in land use policy dialogues.  CaRDI staff focus their energies on educational and training issues relevant to land use policy, help organize and facilitate policy dialogues, and conduct applied research on topics of interest to state and local policy makers. Learn more


Pursue priority research needs and opportunities that inform a wide range of policy and management decisions.  Current and recent work has focused on applied research on residential and landowner preferences,  implementation of New York State’s “smart growth policies”, survey research on local government land use training needs and the role of municipal comprehensive planning in New York state. Learn more


Enhance land use training capacity in New York State.  Training, while widely available in New York, is underutilized and fragmented.  Building on multiple partnerships, and supported by research on training needs, we help coordinate, rationalize and improve the penetration and quality of training in New York. We are collaborating directly with partners in the delivery of local land use leadership training programs on a statewide and regional basis. Learn more

Sprawl and Smart Growth

Much attention has been given by researchers and policy makers to the common land use pattern known as sprawl, the various community issues and concerns raised by sprawl, and the proposed response to sprawl known as “smart growth”.  CaRDI has been involved in many ways with education about these important land use topics. Learn more

Key NY Land Use Partners