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Community Development

New Yorkers are living through a period of remarkable change, one with tremendous challenges and opportunities for communities. Responding to these challenges and opportunities in ways that ultimately sustain and enhance individual and community well-being requires community capacity – the ability of community members to collaboratively develop and utilize knowledge, skills, attitudes, and resources for a shared purpose.

Working from a set of guiding principles, CaRDI builds and strengthens the capacity of community members to identify, pursue, and achieve their shared goals.  Our goal is to provide evidence-based information that strengthens local leaders’ (e.g.:  Extension educators, community and economic development professionals, elected and appointed officials, citizen volunteers, etc.) capacity to shape the present and future of their communities in ways which promote sustained well-being for all. We build capacity and support community development through several methods and approaches, including:  training, research, technical assistance, and tools and resources.  Our ultimate goal is to enhance outcomes and impacts for the people and communities of New York State and elsewhere.