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Renewable Energy Sources & Sustainability

Transitioning to Renewable Energy: Development Opportunities and Concerns for Rural New York.  Journal article (7 pages) on implications of renewable energy development for rural New York.

Sustainable Communities Webinar Series:  2009 to 2011 seminar series on various sustainability topics, including for example a  2009 seminar on  Wind Energy, Community Impacts and Development Approaches

The Impact of Green Energy Development on Rural Community Sustainability: PowerPoint presentation 2009

Energy Choices: Planning Guide for Communities and Individuals:   Cornell 20 page (plus appendices) guide to comparing energy options (see previous item also).

Energy Choices - Energy Source Spreadsheet:  Excel spreadsheet for comparing community energy options (see previous item also).

Estimating Local Energy Consumption:  Links to various data sources useful for this purpose (see previous item also).

Water Footprint of Biofuels:   PowerPoint presentation, 2010 , on water requirements for biofuel production

The Solarize Guidebook: A Community Guide to Collective Purchasing of Residential PV Systems:  The U.S. Department of Energy’s  32 page guide.

Making Good Choices: What Local Policy Makers Need to Know About the Green Economy: CaRDI Report (24 pages) from 2010 with chapters dedicated to various aspects of the Green Economy.

Articulating Local Politics and Market Forces for Economic Development: A Case Study of Ethanol Development in Upstate New York: CaRDI Report (15 pages)  from 2009 on an ethanol plant proposed for upstate New York.

CCE's "Energy Efficiency Rebates Tool": Estimating cost savings & job creation from local energy efficiency work: CaRDI New York Minute (1 page) summarizing a  spreadsheet tool that helps estimate community level energy savings and job creation from energy efficiency retrofits.

Estimating the Job Impact of Public Investment in Bio-fuel Plants:  CaRDI Research and Policy Brief (2010, 2 pages) reviewing 16 studies of the economic impacts, including job creation,  of ethanol plants