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Energy Research

Pursue priority research needs and opportunities that inform a wide range of policy and management decisions.

CaRDI collaborates on applied research touching a variety of topics that have direct or indirect significance for energy, land use and sustainability systems and decisions.  Applied research topics with which we are currently engaged include 

  • multistate rural community impacts of energy development/transitions
  • analyzing the implications of landowner-energy company subsurface lease terms
  • the implementation of  New York State’s Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act
  • the impacts of strengthened rural-urban food system linkages
  • local responses to contemporary environmental challenges ranging from climate change to natural gas development
  • the effectiveness of university engagement with local policy makers
  • local government collaboration and service consolidation

While some of these topics are not explicitly about “energy”, all have implications for local energy systems.

CaRDI will continue to participate in forming and carrying out collaborative research agendas focused on community and energy related topics. As appropriate, the results of the research will be integrated into   training curricula for community leaders.