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Policy and Government

Energy Federalism: Who Decides?  CaRDI 2012 paper (11 pages) discussing the levels of government that make decisions about different kinds of energy, considering some underlying principles.

Understanding Article X of the Power NY Act of 2011: CaRDI one page summary of this act centralizing some energy siting decisions.

Caroline Energy Independence Report: Town of Caroline’s page highlighting 2011 reports on their explorations of the potential for energy independence (see following case study). (This link is no longer active)

Bringing the Power Back Home: A case study of the Town of Caroline's path towards greater energy independence:  CaRDI case study (7 page) on the Town of Caroline’s work on energy independence (see previous entry).

Transitioning to Renewable Energy: Development Opportunities and Concerns for Rural America:  White Paper (60 page) prepared for the Rural Futures Lab in 2011 on the economic development implications for rural America of renewable energy transitions.

Helping Communities Face Energy Options: PowerPoint presentation for educators.

Local Scale Analysis of Carbon Mitigation Strategies:  Tompkins County NY, USA: 2007 journal article on  costs, potential and barriers to local carbon mitigation options (11 pages).

Local-Scale Carbon Budgets and Mitigation Opportunities for the Northeastern United States:  2012 journal article on  locally tailored management and technology options for low cost reductions of carbon emissions (16 pages).

Making Good Choices: What Local Policy Makers Need to Know About the Green Economy: CaRDI Report (24 pages) from 2010 with chapters dedicated to various aspects of the Green Economy.

Municipal Approaches to Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Production: A Resource for Community Energy Initiatives:  CaRDI 2007 Report (17 pages) on several community energy initiatives.

Community Attitudes Towards a Climate Action Plan (CAP): CaRDI Rural New York Minute (1 page) on Community attitudes in Tompkins County towards climate action planning strategies.