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Economics of Energy

Economic Implications of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development: CaRDI 2011 Webinar  on the potential impacts of Marcellus Shale development on tourism, agriculture and housing

The Economic Impact of Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling - What Have We Learned? What are the Limitations?:  CaRDI 38 page paper reviewing research on economic impacts of shale drilling as of 2011.

Energy Development in NYS: Economic and Policy Perspectives: PowerPoint presentation by John Martin, NYSERDA, 2010

The Economic Consequences of Marcellus Gas Extraction: Key Issues:  CaRDI Report (17 pages) summarizing 2011 research project sponsored by Cornell’s Department of City and Regional Planning.

Making Good Choices: What Local Policy Makers Need to Know About the Green Economy: CaRDI Report (24 pages) from 2010 with chapters dedicated to various aspects of the Green Economy.

Articulating Local Politics and Market Forces for Economic Development: A Case Study of Ethanol Development in Upstate New York: CaRDI Report (15 pages)  from 2009 on an ethanol plant proposed for upstate New York.

CCE's "Energy Efficiency Rebates Tool": Estimating cost savings & job creation from local energy efficiency work: CaRDI New York Minute (1 page) summarizing a  spreadsheet tool that helps estimate community level energy savings and job creation from energy efficiency retrofits.

Estimating the Job Impact of Public Investment in Bio-fuel Plants:  CaRDI Research and Policy Brief (2010, 2 pages) reviewing 16 studies of the economic impacts, including job creation,  of ethanol plants

A Time of Opportunity: Energy, Extension, and Economic Development: Article (32 pages) in the 2010 issue of the Journal of Higher Education  on the enhanced role that a refocused Cooperative Extension organization could play in revitalizing economically distressed communities by leveraging emerging energy opportunities.

Natural Gas Valuation  - "Facts" and Fracas:  Presentation to the New York State Assessor’s association on natural gas development and valuation issues (PowerPoint, 2013)