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Tools and Resources

CaRDI strives to connect agriculture development professionals and others working at the intersection of agriculture, food systems, and community with cutting edge publications, tools and resources that enhance their capacity to achieve development goals. In addition to highlighting materials developed by regional and national colleagues, CaRDI has partnered with Cornell colleagues to develop tools specifically designed to support agriculture development in New York State.  Both types of tools and resources are regularly highlighted in CaRDI’s monthly e-newsletter, The Communique.

From CaRDI and Cornell

From Partners

  • The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development Food Systems Program Area.  Funded by the USDA-NIFA and the Northeastern Regional Association of State Agricultural Experiment Station Directors, the NERCRD provides research-based information that enhances the capacity of the Northeast’s Land Grant institutions to foster regional prosperity and rural development.
  • eXtension’s Community, Local and Regional Food Systems Resource Area is “designed to provide information and networking opportunities for educators, community-based practitioners, policy makers, farmers/growers, families, and those individuals involved in building equitable, health-promoting, resilient, and economically balanced food systems”.  Learn more about this program area and the resources it offers at
  • The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development  is “an online international, peer-reviewed publication focused on the practice and applied research interests of agriculture and food systems development professionals and scholars.